ABN Delta Nutrio – Nutrition for hyperprolific breeding sows


Sow productivity has increased by 0.3 piglets per litter per year over the last 10 years, leading to:

  • Loss of sow body condition, a delayed weaned to oestrus interval and a reduction in the size of the next litter.
  • Greater variation of piglet birth weight with increased litter sizes which leads to low birth weight piglets that have a much lower chance of survival.
  • Increased nutrient requirements during the reproductive cycle.


ABN’s Delta Nutrio range provides optimum nutrient supply for all levels of sow productivity and increased lifetime performance.

The benefits of the range include improvements in:

  • Sow condition & longevity
  • Weaned weight
  • Embryo quality
  • Litters per sow per year
  • Piglet survival
  • Weaned to service interval
  • Litter size

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The minerals included in the Delta Nutrio range increase bioavailability, resulting in improved hoof, bone and cartilage integrity as well as the immune function. Optimising these parameters leads to increased sow productivity and reduced culling rates, ultimately improving sow longevity.


Reducing a sow’s weight loss during lactation has a significant effect on her lifetime productivity. The improvement in condition is assisted by the inclusion of an enzyme which improves nutrient availability to the sow. This leads to:

  • Improved weaned to oestrus interval.
  • Increased size of the next litter.
  • Increased piglet numbers produced per sow per year.


Combined, the following factors contribute to improved piglet vitality and survival:

  • Feeding sows a service diet with highly digestible carbohydrate content triggers the hormones involved with embryo development = increases Embryo quality.
  • The addition of a probiotic to the lactation diets balances the gut flora = reduces piglet mortality.
  • Added carnitine can help with placental development = reduces piglet variation and increases piglet vitality.
  • Keeping sows in their optimal body condition aids embryo development = improves piglet vitality.
  • More viable piglets have an extended suckling period = boosts weaned weight.
  • Improved farrowing process due to the use of fibres = reduces constipation.


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