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ABN’s continued investment in scientific R&D is delivering precision nutrition for modern pig and poultry breeds. In the past couple of years alone we have completed more than 14 independent research trials and over 20 commercial farm trials for pig and poultry. ABN are strong supporters of UK agricultural research by sponsoring trials at leading scientific institutes, including SAC, Harper Adams, ADAS, Leeds and Bristol Universities.

This independent trial work gives our customers confidence in the results as well as our products and feed programmes.

Recent examples of where our research has led directly to product developments and enhancements include:

For more information about our research and trial programme please get in touch with us.

A weaner pig trial superdosing phytase

A weaner pig trial that demonstrated the benefit of superdosing phytase with improved growth rates by up to 11% and Feed Conversion Ratio by up to 5%. This work was able to show that we can improve the performance of the weaner pig by increasing the level of the phytase enzyme in our diets . This ‘superdose’ of phytase reduces the anti-nutrient phytate, benefitting performance. Superdosing is one of the improvements we have made to our Delta Weaner range.

Amino acid requirements of the modern broiler

We recently invested in an independent pen trial at SAC to establish the amino acid requirements of the modern broiler. The trial was designed to investigate dose-response to amino acid levels and how this varied during the growth of the bird. The extensive data obtained in the trial included performance indicators, water intake, litter quality, hock and foot pad quality and carcass fat content. This type of fundamental research ensures we are producing the optimum diets for today’s broilers and the results of the trial have contributed directly to the development of the current broiler product range, delivering optimum performance, promoting welfare and minimising environmental impact.

ABN Delta Range- Precision energy

ABN’s Delta Range diets deliver precision energy using the Schothorst Advanced Feed Package. The Schothorst pig energy system is based on research into the energy value of each raw material at each stage of production. This knowledge enables precise formulation, promoting consistent and cost effective performance.

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