Feed Safety 

Quality Policy within AB Agri is managed by the Technical and Assurance Function.

AB Agri's aim is to produce quality products that perform on farm and meet all feed and food safety standards. We work closely with operations managers and employees across the business to manage the introduction implementation and monitoring of the procedures that help us achieve our business quality standards.


Quality Assurance

What do we mean by Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance is the total of the arrangements made to ensure that products will be of the quality and safety required by their intended use. It covers raw materials, formulation (or product design) and Good Manufacturing Practice, HACCP and delivery.

What benefit does this bring to our customers?

We have an ‘open door’ and are happy to discuss and supply tailored reports showing Nutritional, Physical and Microbiological information. These can be supplied on a regular basis or adhoc as situations demand. Our quality assurance team work closely with the Commercial QC Data Manager to ensure we deliver this; and with the Accreditation Manager for any accreditation issues.

Please contact Barry Rogers (Quality Policy Manager) for any general investigations, confirmation of conformity to retailer or regulatory standards and I manage the business complaint process.


Mobile: 07802 596818

Quality Control

What do we mean by Quality Control?

Quality Control is the part of QA concerned with inspection, sampling, testing against specification and theorganizational procedures which ensure that the necessary and relevant tests are carried outand results assessed against the proper specification.

What benefit does this bring to our customers?

By monitoring all raw materials that are used in the mills and the quality of the finished feeds we produce, we ensure we deliver the correct nutritional package to our customers. Annually we analyse in the region of 15,000 samples of finished feeds and 8,000 samples of raw materials. We also analyse over 4,000 samples and swabs for microbiological tests, to confirm that the feed we supply as well as our plant environments are bio-secure, andto ensure we are delivering safe, hygienic feed to customers.

We are also able to produce regular quality reports for customers, giving them complete visibility of the quality of the feed their livestock are eating, and demonstrating the consistency of the product we manufacture. Tying in with the accreditation arm of the team, the quality control team look after various aspects of due diligence testing, to help maintain our status as a legally compliant business and meet the requirements of the UFAS Code of Practice.

Leon Fedasch (Commercial Quality Control Data Manager)

Leon. Fedasch@abagri.com

Phone: 01733 422335


What do we mean by Accreditation

The management of both legal and industry related compliance across ABN’s 10 compound feed sites through differing legal, accreditation and a customer bodies, such as UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance), VMD (Veterinary Medicines Directorate), Feed Hygiene Regulations (Trading Standards) and M&S (Marks & Spencers). We ensure that we are compliant within established standards and guidelines as a business and are able to demonstrate so.

What benefit does this bring to our customers?

To ensure we are complaint and able to demonstrate so, routine internal process system and hygiene audits are conducted, plant and equipment validation exercises are carried out in conjunction with facilitation of site audits. We work closely across many different functions within ABN from supplier and raw material approval, customer services, formulations, operations and haulage.

Rodger Morris (Accreditation Manager)


Phone: 01427 616868

Patricia Rucklidge (Assistant Accreditation Manager)


Phone: 07713313615

Helpful links

AIC: http://www.agindustries.org.uk/content.template/28/28/Trade%20Assurance/Trade%20Assurance/Trade%20Assurance%20Homepage.mspx

VMD: http://www.vmd.defra.gov.uk/

UFAS Certificates

If you would like to view a copy of our current UFAS certificates, please call the main office on 0845 386 4200.

Steve Jagger

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