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NFU Poultry Industry Programme 2019

12 applicants from across the poultry industry have been selected to be part of the forth NFU Poultry Industry Programme (PIP), in conjunction with ABN.   

The successful candidates will start in September, and span the whole industry including egg and poultry farmers, industry representatives and vets.

Danny Johnson, ABN’s Commercial Director, explains that each of the candidates has been selected based on their own merit.

“ABN’s continued support of the programme demonstrates our passion for the development of young people, and our commitment to work with the industry to attract talent into the poultry sector.” 

“With so many applications again this year, we were looking for a range of characteristics, but most importantly we wanted a group who were committed and enthusiastic to play a bigger part in the poultry industry, and willing to take their knowledge to the next level.”

Representing the feed industry, Mark Jolliffe, account manager at ABN explains, “I wanted to join the PIP to further my knowledge of different sectors of the industry and alos help pass relevant information on to my customers.”

NFU PIP candidate George Powell explains, “We believe the whole industry is driven towards efficiency and modernisation, so hopefully through the PIP, between meeting new people and learning from other sectors of the industry we can drive ourselves to be more efficient and more productive as a business. There are a lot of businesses that are struggling and hopefully this programme will help us futureproof ours.”  

This year will see the candidates involved in a number of activities designed to broaden their exposure to the industry and help them on their way to becoming leaders within the poultry sector.

The events range from a trip to the EU parliament in Brussels as well as Westminster, to leadership and media training and a group project.

“We’re constantly trying to evolve the programme to keep it relevant to the sector, while maintaining the core principles of what has made it so popular. Providing a broad overview of the industry is essential, but giving the candidates an insight into new industry ideas and challenges is equally important.

“Overall, the NFU PIP programme continues to go from strength to strength, offering the candidates a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet like-minded people within the industry and have some fun while doing it, says Mr Johnson.

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