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Mills & Fleet Update

Mills & Fleet Update

We have not let the pandemic hinder our investment into our mills and fleet. Over the last 12 months we have added 50 new trucks and 14 new trailers to our fleet. Working closely with the vehicle manufactures to bring in new safety features has allowed us to improve protection for both drivers and customers and stay up to date with the very latest safety enhancing developments. Examples of these include:

  • mirror cab” technology, allowing drivers to view an in-cab screen for greater all-round vision
  • Additional “step lights” providing our drivers greater on farm visibility
  • The use of “eyeball cameras” giving our drivers additional vision on blind spots


Looking to the future you will see further investment in process and quality improvements across our mill sites. In addition, we are now rolling out our Agility asset care programme for proactive maintenance and have appointed a Mill Performance Manager who will also be supported by two Manufacturing Support Managers. Furthermore, there is ongoing Bottleneck and Short Interval Control activity across the estate as we continue to improve our planning processes. Despite our contingency plans we are aware some of our customers have been and continue to be affected by this improvement process and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patience as we strive to improve our service.


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