About ABN

At ABN we’re proud to be the leading British manufacturer of pig and poultry compound feed providing both products and complementary solutions to the pig and poultry livestock industries.

Our aim is to be the supply chain partner of choice to the UK pig and poultry industry. We provide excellence in terms of nutrition, feed formulation and manufacture, meeting the varying needs of pig and poultry producers, including the organic market. Our knowledge is supported by a history of research and development investment which continues to be essential to our offering for the future.

We realise the importance of services supplementary to the supply of feed and have developed a sophisticated but simple information service to support customers in these times of volatile commodity markets. In addition, ABN is working in partnership with pig and poultry producers to meet supply chain objectives with respect to innovation, for example, carbon footprinting and responsibly sourcing sustainable raw materials.

We are proud to be supporting British agriculture. 


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