Commercial Turkeys

ABN’s commercial turkey range provides options for GM or non-GM soya and addresses the specific requirements for intensive, traditional or free range production systems. Some of the key features of the commercial range include:

  • Option of fishmeal inclusion in earlier feeds.
  • Optimum amino acid levels to help support good growth rates
  • High energy levels to help maintain feed efficiency
  • Dietary balance between nutrients - support good litter conditions, footpad and hock quality.
  • NSP (wheat/barley) and phytase enzymes - improve digestibility, reduce excretion, and so improve litter conditions and benefit the environment.
  • High levels of vitamins and trace elements - reported to help maintain performance and support health and carcass quality under stress or disease challenge by stimulating the immune response.
  • HyD in starter and grower feeds – reported to assist leg strength and so improve welfare.
  • Inclusion of a yeast-based prebiotic – reported to assist the immune response and improve gut health and structure.

Sample feeds within this range


Turkey Crumb

A good quality turkey starter crumb gets poults off to the best start.


Turkey Pellet

Our grower, finisher, and withdrawal products are manufactured as high quality, durable 3.2mm pellets.

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