Sportsman Game Feeds

ABN are major suppliers of game and wildfowl feed to the gamebird industry, selling under the ‘Sportsman’ and ‘Slimbridge’ brand names. 

In short, the product range consists of:

a) Sportsman Game Feeds for pheasants and partridges being reared for shooting

b) Slimbridge Wildfowl Feeds for ornamental wildfowl, or wildfowl being reared for shooting

c) Grit and Cover Crops for the estate, game farmer and keeper.

For further information please visit the Sportsman Game Feeds website:

Sample feeds within this range

Game Breeder 20

Formulated especially for partridge to achieve high levels of fertility, egg production and hatchability, this feed is packed with quality protein sources, vitamins and minerals.

Image of Game Feed 25kg Bag

Game Grower 23.5

This feed contains the required high energy level like the starter ration but accommodates the fall in protein requirement of the older bird.

Image of Game Feed Bag

Game Starter 28 Superfine Crumbs

This finely balanced feed is manufactured by a special process to give an extremely fine crumb, especially suited to partridge during the critical first few days.

Image of Game Feed Bag

Poult Release Pellet

Nutritionally developed with high levels of vitamins and minerals to compensate birds for stresses of transfer to release pens.

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