Feed for Pullet Rearing

Pullets reared to peak condition form the foundation of efficient and profitable egg production.

Our products are designed to enable pullet rearers to manage their birds for optimum performance both during rear and in the subsequent laying period.

NSP (wheat/barley) and phytase enzymes are added to the feeds to improve feed digestibility. This helps to reduce excreta output and maintain litter quality, which is good for bird welfare and the environment. A high specification vitamin/ trace element supplement is included in all our feeds. Vitamins and trace elements are essential for both long and short term performance as they are involved in stimulating the immune response, this helps protect the birds during vaccination, stress or disease challenge.

Sample feeds within this range


Pullet Rearing Crumb

Crumb Starter and grower rations are available in a range of nutrient densities in a variety of feed forms (crumbs, pellets & meal).


Pullet Rearing Pellets

A choice of feeds with or without coccidiostats is available to suit individual situations.

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