Feed for Laying

ABN offer a choice of GM or non-GM soya in the feed and synthetic or natural red pigments, all made to the same exacting specifications to help optimise performance in all types of system. 

Our products for layers are designed to help optimise performance in caged, barn and free-range systems with a choice of GM and non-GM soya, including synthetic or natural red pigments, all made to the same exacting specifications. Flexible feed programmes allow the nutritional requirements of the laying bird to be matched at all stages of lay; facilitated by the options of both high and low linoleic acid versions to allow egg weight to be managed through lay.

We use optimum levels of digestible amino acids and metabolisable energy with the aim to support high levels of egg production with low feed intake and high feed efficiency. High energy levels in early lay are important in maintaining growth rate as the flock comes into production. A pre-lay ration is also available for producers who prefer to use this option for the first couple of weeks after transfer.

Particular attention has been paid to the major minerals, with calcium, phosphorus and sodium specified at levels reported to support good shell quality and skeletal integrity throughout lay.

NSP (wheat/barley) and phytase enzymes are added to the feeds to improve feed digestibility. This helps to reduce excreta output and maintain litter quality, which helps to produce clean eggs as well as being good for bird welfare and the environment. Vitamins and trace elements are important for health and stimulating the immune system. For these reasons a high specification vitamin/ trace element supplement is included to help support the health and vitality of the laying bird throughout its life and to help protect the bird in the event of any stress or disease challenge.

Sample feeds within this range


Commercial Layer Meal

High quality raw materials & consistent formulations produce meals with consistent grist to encourage intakes at critical periods.


Layer Meal

Our meal for layers can be manufactured as heat treated meal to ensure high biosecurity.

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