Broiler Range

ABN’s comprehensive range of broiler feeds and feeding programmes are based on our own fundamental research and the latest scientific knowledge. They are designed to support high levels of cost-effective performance whilst offering the flexibility to meet the varying requirements of different processors and retailers.

ABN offer our customers choice; we can provide options including fishmeal, GM or non-GM soya, and feeds formulated for the addition of whole wheat.

Feed Specifications

Our feed specifications are based on the latest independent trial data and on our own in-house research programme to help us get the best out of today’s broiler breeds.

Amino acids and enzymes

We have invested in fundamental research to establish the optimum amino acid requirements of the modern broiler and to select the most effective enzymes to improve digestibility.  Optimum amino acid levels give good growth rates whilst high energy levels maintain feed efficiency. The right dietary balance between nutrients supports good litter conditions, promoting footpad and hock quality.

NSP (wheat/barley) and phytase enzymes help improve the digestibility of the feed; this reduces excretion by the bird, improving litter conditions and helping the environment.

Vitamins, Minerals and Yeasts

ABN broiler feeds contain high levels of vitamins and trace elements to promote good health, carcass quality and help maintain performance. These levels of vitamins and trace elements can help to support the birds when faced with stress or disease challenge by stimulating the immune response.

Our own trials have demonstrated a benefit from using specific products such as Hy D and a yeast-based probiotic. HyD is included in some starter and grower feeds as it is reported to assist leg strength, thereby improving welfare.  And the yeast-based prebiotic we use is reported to help performance by promoting the immune response and improving gut health and structure.

Broiler Feed Programme

To make life easier for our customers, ABN’s flexible range of feeds and feeding programmes will meet any processing requirements in relation to thinning and the final kill plan. The crop parameters can be used by ABN to produce a feed plan and order schedule for individual farms and houses. This service will assist producers in planning and ordering feed deliveries. For more information please contact your sales representative.

Sample feeds within this range


Starter Crumb

ABN produce a high quality starter crumb to get broiler chicks off to the best start.


Short Cut Pellet

Our short cut starter pellet ensures a smooth transition from crumb to pellet, ensuring chicks maintain feed intakes.



All our grower, finisher and withdrawal feeds are manufactured as high quality, durable, 3.2mm pellets.

Whole Wheat

We recommend whole wheat is used in all feeds from starter pellet onwards, to improve gut health.

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