ABN Delta Renovo – for breeding pigs

Renovo, meaning - restore; renew; and repeat, is designed to do exactly that: Restore sow body condition; Renew reproductive tissue; and Repeat strong piglet development, bringing you a lifetime of performance. The Delta Renovo range has been developed on the back of extensive and innovative research aimed at optimising the efficiency of reproduction of the prolific sow. All the diets are precisely formulated utilising a sophisticated nutritional model, developed by ABN nutritionists, and the Schothorst Advanced Feed Package, a unique energy evaluation system, giving a best cost solution by optimising diet raw material composition.

The Renovo range includes Gilt Rearing; Dry Sow; and Lactating diets, all formulated to meet precise energy and amino acid requirements and the correct mineral balance to help improve piglet survival.

Selected products have been further enhanced with unique and innovative Performance Promoters:

Dry Sow Promoter (DSP) – our own research and independent published data has shown that components of our unique DSP pack can increase muscle fibres in the piglet, thereby supporting higher birth weight and better viability. In addition, DSP components have been shown to improve sow body composition and increase milk yield.

Lactating Sow Promoter (LSP) – trials of the components that make up our unique LSP have demonstrated increased sow intakes; reduced piglet mortality; higher weaning weight; and improved health status. 

Contact your ABN representative to discuss the correct feeding regime for your pig unit.

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