ABN Delta Range

The Delta pig feed range includes products which have been developed to meet the needs of pigs following starter feed through to finish (Delta Wean and Delta Grow/Finish).

Delta Wean Range

Designed to aid a smooth transition from starter diets to grower/finisher diets, the range has been developed to promote gut health, deliver high nutrient availability, and support fast and efficient growth. Products in this range offer a choice of select raw material profiles, with product options offering milk product inclusion and acid inclusion. Other key features of the range include:

- Fixed minimum barley inclusion (a source of fermentable carbohydrate)

- Low buffering capacity (to maintain an acid environment in the stomach and aid digestion)

- Selected enzymes (to improve gut condition and phosphorous availability)

- High digestibility of amino acids

- Controlled electrolyte balance (to increase growth)

- Optimum nutrient levels

Also available is the Delta Wean XP range, this product range includes a probiotic and reduced protein to improve gut health and faecal dry matter, with the aim of enhancing growth rates and FCR.

Delta Grow/Finish Range

Designed for high performance and efficiency the Delta Grow/Finish range aims to maintain high growth rates, promote lean tissue growth, and support gut health (improved faecal consistency & control of gastric ulceration). There is a choice of products offering:

- High nutrient density

- Balanced electrolytes (to increase growth)

- Tightly controlled raw material inclusion (to reduce variation & anti-nutrients)

- Fixed minimum barley inclusion (a source of fermentable carbohydrate)

This comprehensive and flexible range of diets will meet the specific requirements of high lean gain, good carcass characteristics and heavy pig production.

Delta grow/finish XP versions of diets are available to further improve growth rate and FCR, with acid inclusion for reduced ammonia emission and improved environmental conditions.

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