Peter McMorran

Feed Sales Team

I was bought up in a North Suffolk village in the middle of good mixed farming county. One of ten children, five girls…five boys! So I was born to be a “team player” you could say .My first contact with Farmers and Farming was through my Father Jim “ Mac or Jock” as the Farmers called him who collected milk , firstly in churns and then in bulk tanker lorries most of his working life. I then followed this up by helping with fruit, potato, grain harvests during school holidays as several of my friends were Farmers sons.

I have been selling Animal Feed for over 27 years, half that time selling feed to all species Pig, Cattle, Poultry and Game. In the past 13 years specialising in Pig Feed. When first joining the Industry I was very lucky and had work experience in all areas of the feed mill and also on most types of livestock  enterprises.

I am very much an outside person, who loves the English countryside whether it is walking,running or cycling around it. Ann my wife for 28 years has been the backbone of our family we have a daughter and a son. Without Ann’s total support my career path may have been totally different.  

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