Brian Chandler

Feed Sales Team

Born in Ripon North Yorkshire from a farming family, so always had farming in my blood, I did think that I would be more interested in Agronomy until I joined Nitrovit in May 1971 (which was at that time owned by ABF before being sold to the Imperial Food Group) as a Pig AI Laboratory Technician, in their newly built Pig AI Centre at Skipton on Swale, after five years I moved over to the Nitroivit Pig Scheme as a Pig Aftercare Specialist on the Pig Contract Scheme.

Staying in this role until 1987 when the Nitrovit was acquired by J Bibby Agriculture, and my role changed to Pig Specialist supporting the very large sales team in the North of England, until 1994 when ABN bought the Bibby Feed business, we then moved to become a Mono Gastric single species business when I took on a role of Pig Key Account Manager managing my own Pig Feed Ledger.

I lead a very active outdoor life, an ex Mountain Bike racer, Road Cyclist, Fly fishing, Photography and Trekking in remote places, such as The North Pennines, Alps and Peruvian Andes are all favourite pass times times .

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