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What is Total Farm Performance?

A new, innovative offering that combines cutting edge technology, farming expertise and advanced analytics to improve performance and financial gain across the poultry supply chain.

Watch the Total Farm Performance video here 

What makes Total Farm Performance different?

  • We have all round expertise in farming, technology and data analysis.
  • We can tailor the service according to your needs
  • Our team of experts are on-hand to help whenever you need us

We can help with your everyday challenges...

  • Optimising bird performance and welfare
  • Increasing financial return
  • Meeting supply chain needs
  • Improving business efficiency
  • Greater business transparency and insight

Our Holistic Approach

By taking a holistic approach, we will utilise our on-farm, nutrition and data expertise in order to help you optimise bird performance and increase financial gain. Our 3 services, inFarm, inFocus and inDepth, can be offered together or seperately, depending on your requirements.

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Meeting the needs of the entire poultry supply chain

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If you'd like to learn more, please email the team at totalfarmperformance@abagri.com.

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