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Creep feed proven to help finish faster

Continued trial work on the creep feed product Initiate 4, has resulted in pigs finishing 4.3kg heavier, or 5 days faster.

Primary Diets, suppliers of the Initiate 4 product launched 12 months ago, undertook trials at HarperAdamsUniversity and the University of Leeds to reinforce the excellent farrowing house results identified in trials carried out in 2012.  Piglets were fed Initiate 4 versus an alternative Primary creep feed in the farrowing house before moving to the nursery accommodation and being fed identical Primary Diets feeds.  Harper Adams then followed their pigs from nursery exit through to slaughter where they were fed identical ABN diets.  The significant improvements in lifetime performance of pigs fed Initiate 4 compared to the control creep were:

  • +1kg per piglet exit weight at 22 days post-weaning
  • An extra 4.3kg weight at slaughter (or finishing 5 days faster)
  • A minimum return of 10:1

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