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ABN welcomes new poultry nutritionist

5th May 2016

Brian Kenyon joins the ABN team as senior poultry nutritionist.

Mr Kenyon brings a wealth of experience to the business, joining ABN following a 20 year career at Cherry Valley Ducks, and will be working alongside Dr Ade Adebiyi within the poultry nutrition team.

Initially employed as assistant research manager, his role at Cherry Valley evolved considerably over the years, and he became responsible for the entire duck supply chain. Managing all aspects of production, including breeding, hatching, growing and nutrition.

The combination of his technical knowledge and commercial experience, gives him a full understanding of the poultry industry, which will be a big benefit in his new role at ABN.

“The experience I’ve gained means I fully understand the challenges facing producers today, and the vital role that nutrition plays in helping overcome these,” says Mr Kenyon.

“I enjoy problem solving, and hope that the combination of my technical and commercial knowledge, will help me deliver nutritional solutions for our customers.

“I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with my new role, and returning to my nutrition routes. There are huge opportunities within the poultry industry at present. There will be continued expansion, although undoubtedly, there will be hurdles to overcome.

“There’s mounting pressure on the use of antibiotics in diets, and addressing campylobacter and salmonella remains high on the agenda, but this is something ABN are researching to help support their customers.

“ABN are a very innovative business, and are constantly looking for new solutions and  opportunities to progress the industry, and this is an area I’m really looking forward to being involved with in the future,” says Mr Kenyon. 

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