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ABN employs SRUC PhD poultry graduate

Having recently completed a PhD focusing on super-dosing of phytase in broilers, SRUC and University of Glasgow graduate Dr Laura Beeson has joined ABN as the new Poultry Product Development Nutritionist.

Growing up in Lincolnshire, Dr Beeson graduated from The University of Nottingham in 2012 with a degree in Animal Science, where she took a keen interest in nutrition, before pursuing a PhD which specifically looked at the modes of action of regular and high doses of phytase in broilers.

In recognition of the quality of her PhD research Dr Beeson was awarded the British Poultry Council Scholarship for 2013. A true indication of the value of her work to the wider poultry industry.

It is this strong, scientific research foundation, and her keen interest in nutrition, that attracted Dr Beeson to a career in the poultry industry and she has quickly made her mark within ABN.

“During my degree, I carried out a work placement with AB Vista, who, like ABN, are a division of AB Agri.

“I was particularly interested to get involved with the commercial application of scientific work and how this could make a difference at a farm level,” says Dr Beeson. 

“Consequently, my new job role involves looking at the ways in which we can improve our products to support bird health and productivity, and understand and develop the best ways in which our products meet the needs of our customers.”

The knowledge of the team at ABN is supported by major and sustained investment into research and development, which continues to be essential in order to provide excellence in nutrition, feed formulation and livestock production advice to support the pig and poultry industry. “There is no such thing as a typical day at ABN. Things are always developing as we’re involved with a lot of R&D work. One day I could be reviewing scientific literature to inform trial work.

“Another day, I could be working closely with the commercial team, to discuss and implement relevant findings from trials we’ve been carrying out that may help support our customers in meeting their end goals.

“I find it particularly rewarding when concepts from our research can be applied commercially, providing benefit to producers and the industry.  

“For example, the industry currently faces big challenges from antibiotic resistance and avian influenza, but we know nutrition has a role to play in maintaining a sustainable poultry industry in light of these issues. It’s an exciting time to be involved with poultry nutrition.

“In the next five years, I hope to be continually challenged and strive to remain at the forefront of scientific developments within ABN,” says Dr Beeson. 

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